Find Shot First

FindShotFirst is a movie quiz bot. Follow @FindShotFirst on Twitter to play. New shot every 30 minutes.

Rules: You have 15 minutes to reply when a snapshot is sent.
Just reply the title of the movie (we support short and foreign titles, but not all languages).
The first to reply the correct title will have five points, next ones will get one point.

Top of the Day Top of the Month Top of All Time
# Avatar Player Location Score
1 Avatar No name Nowhere 48
2 Avatar [][][WMK][][] 46
3 Avatar DrJagoJones Switzerland 11
4 Avatar Marion Stark 10
5 Avatar Altered Karma 6
6 Avatar TeessideMovieMan Middlesbrough, UK 6
7 Avatar Kien Trung Nguyen Newcastle upon Tyne 6
8 Avatar Scott Ballantyne London 6
9 Avatar Duke Mitchell 5
10 Avatar birdman 5
11 Avatar Jim Snider Buffalo, New York 5
12 Avatar raavot PT 5
13 Avatar Dave Bond Plymouth, UK 5 (+5)
14 Avatar Lee Howard 1
15 Avatar Craig Lyga East Meadow, NY 1